Friday, September 07, 2007

Paulette insists

that if I continue to torture myself by not sleeping enough (I am TRYING to nap but am obviously too anxious and allergy-ridden to do so), then I should at least blog. So this is from the summer of 2004, I think. Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, a good time to eat a lot of food.

Beatrice Coron
, a fantastic papercutting artist who does lots and lots of public art, too (imagine paper cuts only life-size in steel) has new work on her website. She also makes amazing tea from plants she grows on her balcony in Manhattan.

Ragdale, an artist residency program I went to in March, just launched a new website. Fancy! Christina was there when I was a resident - great writer, hilarious and passionate.

Also, a blogger in England is weaving paper, which I always approve of. She put together a lovely mosaic of other weaves off of flickr (scroll all the way down). Guess which three are mine.

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