Friday, September 14, 2007

One last look backward

Rebecca shot this in the "library" at Guapa. Clearly, she picked the end of the shelf with the books in Spanish, not the other end where I put in the books I donated, all in English. I just finished reading Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek. Her language is so satisfying - so precise and dead on with descriptions. Colors, feelings, memories, everything. It's remarkable. Often I read and feel like the author is really trying but hasn't quite hit it, or is trying too hard and all I can sense is the trying. The words end up cluttering my mind and missing their target. But Cisneros gets it every time. It's like watching a tennis pro (the perfect kind).

Almost done packing. Just need to decide on boots, and grab the sizing out of the fridge (a chemical to make paper more water resistant) before I leave early tomorrow morning. Two books ready for travel, and still a little time left to freak out about last-minute minutiae. Can't believe it's that time again. I was worried that I was packing way too much - that it was asking for too much art to be made in a month. But better overprepared than under.

I am turning off my computer. So that it will be well rested for its first residency.

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