Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh, NO. No, no, no!!

Oh, no. I know this sounds completely unbelievable, but I am a real piece of work, so believe it: I just almost deleted my entire new hard drive. In Secure Empty Trash mode. Don't get me wrong: I DID delete parts of it permanently, no doubt. But partway through, I suddenly realized I was wiping out my NEW HD rather than my OLD HD (I had it plugged in, hoping to wipe it out and then put my old iBook back together tonight). And then I immediately felt like I was going to vomit, and stopped it and dragged what was left out of the trash.

I can't handle myself. Why, why, why?? It's b/c I was overworking myself - I had just finished making five sets of press kits and writing all the letters and preparing the packages. Instead of taking a break, I dove right into the computer task. Argh.

I'm torn. Cindy and Ching-In say I should walk away from the computer until tomorrow. I contend that I can't sleep if I'm not sure of exactly what I've lost yet.


  1. yes, give yourself a little break.

    Enjoy real life!

  2. Yow.
    I'm so sorry.
    If it happened to me, I'd quit for the night
    (and have when I've done similar "oh, NO" things)
    Take care of yourself,

  3. Oh, Aimee. Paco and I wish you luck.


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