Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moon, moon

Tonight is a full moon. This is the studio before I go in and realize I can't do much b/c my eyes are so dry that they're not working anymore.

Yesterday, I thought it would be a great idea to take a parking lot rock to hold down my cattails as they cooked. Later, I burned my face with the caustic that was on my rubber glove as I shoved my glasses up my nose. I have lots of great ideas.

While making a grand mess cooking two batches of cattail, I cut up potatoes and carrots to do monoprints.

This is much more fun than chopping to cook things.

Making 1st grade art was unbelievably satisfying. In the meantime, I'm starting to panic about all the apps due soon. But I can't do them now since my eyes aren't working anymore. So, that means tea and sleep.


  1. ellie9:26 AM

    i love the 1st grade art... how the H can be an I! :) HOLA is what i was waiting for... remember it is high eleveation there and to drink a lot of water. if your mouth is dry or your eyes are dry these are the first signs of dehydration... i've been sending you imaginary cookies in my mind since i've had no time to make any real ones. bright flower love to you!

  2. I was looking at the moon too! It was so big and round! I always wonder who else is looking at the moon at the same moment as me. It must be especially beautiful from your viewpoint!!

    LOVING the 1st grade art too!


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