Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look at that!

Guess who finally got her stuff together to photograph for ebay, even though she has no time to actually ebay anything until late October? I never thought it would happen after putting it off for so long. But it felt great to package everything carefully and store it so that my dead computer guts aren't laying all over the floor anymore. I love that I'm now motivated to do this, when I have no time to do it. All the photography happened while I reinstalled the OS on my new MacBook. I started at about 9:30am and at about 2:30pm, I think I can say that the worst is over. All my applications are back on, my data is back on, and now I just need to find a good firewire drive so I can clone this HD properly.

I still haven't touched my revisions. My dreams of a Wyoming utopia are quickly fading: I will have to bring my computer and work on my Fulbright app there. Oh well.


  1. Ok, now I'm stressed. I need to do this, too, for my dead iBook. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. hahaa. it's no stress. besides, your ibook is still all in one piece. this is just the sweeping panorama. i had to take more pics where you can see that the computer is not actually in one piece anymore, at all.

    yours will be cake!

  3. Wait, your computer is not in one piece?! What do you mean?

    I've already reinstalled the OS on my iBook, if I remember correctly. I just fear trying to gather all the components and weird quirky accessories it came with. All my stuff is in boxes--post-San Diego boxes, pre-New York boxes, post-Philippines boxes, sort-out-when-I-have-time-boxes, etc.

  4. The other thing is that I feel I will be so sad to part with my little computer. It has the best keyboard and trackpad ever. ::sigh::

  5. i KNOW. the new keyboards and trackpads suck a LOT. my friend reassured me that eventually all my finger oils will smooth out and personalize the trackpad. whatever. i want it to be right NOW.

    oh, i'm compulsive (obviously) about keeping all my computer accessories in one place, even when i move. but at least you didn't break most of your components. HAHAA.

    you can't see as well in the pic, but the computer bottom and top - the case - is not enclosing the innards. i just propped it up and all together to look presentable. but note that most of the pieces are not attached to the computer anymore (like the battery and keyboard and RAM cover and hard drive random thingy and ALL the screws).

  6. Daaaannng! Your photo looks so professional! I think you're going to get a really great price on it.

  7. as long as no one notices that half the picture is made up of disks that no one really care about and the rest is of a machine that i dismantled. ahhaaa.


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