Monday, September 17, 2007


I just burned my mouth on ginger tea in the studio. There are great travel mugs in the kitchen and they hold lots of hot water. I have had a funny day, kind of like a lot of different days all stitched together. This image is from last night, late, when everyone else had gone to bed. There are three big black books full of memories by past residents. Kind of like the Ragdale blue books, but instead of for individual studios by individual artists, it's more like a group journal for each month. They're hilarious, full of pictures, drawings, labels from food and alcohol products, stories, and tips on how to best survive/enjoy the residency.

I had horrible fears going to sleep that I have a new cavity, that I will not get the Fulbright, and that I should just quit being an artist. Then I had horrible dreams about some woman telling me that I was a bad artist. It's amazing how intense the flushing out period is at the start of new residencies. I slept in and then had a perfect breakfast, talked with Chris out on the patio in the sun, and waded into the very cold creek. I finally got into the studio and had a good session. But then came the downfall: I cooked an ENORMOUS lunch and ate the entire thing. I should have gone to our fitness center (pictured here), but instead I ran out for a walk.

We have to wear these orange vests if we go out so that we're visible to vehicles on the road (no, not hunters. Hunting is prohibited on this property). I grabbed one and cut across the mulch to get to the one place we're allowed to jump a fence line. A staircase is built over the barbed wire, and a big mosquito bit me as I tried to take a picture. A flock of birds terrified me as I walked b/c they were hanging out in the tall grass and all took off at the same time. Sage is all over the place. I ran up the first incline and ran back down. The entire area beyond the fence is called 1,000 acres. We're supposed to take buddies our first time b/c it's very disorienting and experienced hikers have gotten lost for hours out there. But I just wanted to peek.

After a shower under super soft well water, I went up to the TV room to rest and watch "Paris Is Burning." Now, it's studio time.


  1. ellie2:56 PM

    i want to hang with you in those pillows!!!!


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