Sunday, September 16, 2007

The big picture, or trying

Um, this is very hard. There really is no way to capture this place w/my tiny camera and limited skills. So this is what you get for now. The rest are uploading as I type. THIS is an image of my view from the bedroom. The sun sets here. There are more windows on the adjacent wall. I live in a pentagon. Apparently, there are only about two right angles in the architecture of the whole house.

This is part of my bedroom. The entire house is decorated w/gorgeous mirrors, among other things (I have a mirror fetish). The benefactor, also has an antique business, and the entire place is decked out in amazing pieces. Like one of the artists said yesterday, it clearly looks and feels like no expense was spared in building this place.

And this is our home from the outside. Six bedrooms on the ground floor, split three on each wing, with a bunch of bathrooms. I think most of them have two sets of sinks. The bathrooms are gorgeous, too. Even the magazines in the bathrooms and their antique holders are beautiful. Each bedroom is named after an artist or writer: Emily Dickinson, Henri Matisse, Louise Nevelson, W. Somerset Maugham, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Hans Hoffmann. It was built five years ago with the help of 175 people. It's mindblowing.

A view of the living room from the second floor. The sun rises at the kitchen window (where the grey kitty likes to hang out) and sets at the living room huge huge huge windows. It's incredibly comfortable. The benefactor's huge paintings hang everywhere (and Jentel is an anagram of her first name!). Recipes from past residents, as well as fat scrapbooks from their stays, sit on the coffeetable. One even pasted a sliver of soap on a last page, telling us that if we don't shower every day, we still can have soap left (in each of our chests sit our linens, in matching colors to our bedrom, and a tiny bar of soap on top).

This is one corner of my studio. Sadly, there's only one window with weak light, but the track lighting is good. The room is huge. I LOVE that they all come with day beds. I've shoved all my stuff in the corner near the window so I can have an entire long wall and a short wall to work with installation-wise. . . . . .okay, the upload is finally done. Rearranging photos on flickr sucks, but I tried. Here they are!

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  1. ellie7:43 PM

    yippy! love it! nesday has allergies. david got me the new josh ritter cd. i'll send it to you. he sounds like the beatles. i sent him a letter asking him why. i'm hoping you are still in a heavenly state.


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