Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Altitude adjustments

This is the first thing I made here, from paper I made in Mexico. I made it and then sent it to Jonah and his wife in Nebraska - he is the violist of the Chiara Quartet. I have been slowly acclimating. I started bleeding today so that is good b/c now I have a sense of when I can start my fast. And b/c I can now blame everything on either that or the elevation! Today, I blamed the elevation for making my lunch take forever to bake in the oven. I'll blame my period for the backaches.

I just accomplished the most important task of the day, that I haven't been able to swing since arrival: a nap! I passed out on the studio daybed listening to Feist. Now I'm ready for...not much. Just some tea, and writing a thank you email to the last resident: all of them from last month sent each of us postcards! Sweet. This is a piece I did today w/the paper I made yesterday.


  1. l like the words you wrote/cut today...they say much about how you feel now, great! keep on loving!

  2. Beautiful, Aimee. Your surroundings must be an inspiration. Have you slept in the daybed yet? What are you fasting for? YK?

  3. i napped yesterday in the daybed, and tried 2x today but failed.

    i want to fast b/c i haven't since 2000. and that makes me feel gross.


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