Friday, August 03, 2007

While I'm attending to my life

News on the friend front!

1. My web designer's new iphone.
2. Elizabeth's talk piece, where she talks to various people in different languages (like, she speaks Spanish to me and I speak Korean to her). We had to have at least three takes b/c the video camera was being cranky but finally got a cut.
3. Elizabeth's kisses: to bring peace and end war. She of course had to do my lipstick for me (this is a handmade paper chain I made and gave to Berta; the other went to Carlos), and my pen was running out of ink on my kiss.
4. Elizabeth's land art piece from our last full day in Mexico. I did all the photography as she poured cornmeal onto the grass, still morning dewy.
5. Elizabeth's seedings ritual that I also did stills for (the last four at the bottom are mine. I am amazed at how easy it is to take decent pics when you have a REALLY nice camera. Mostly, I'm just happy that my photography skills are okay enough to be able to help out other artists).

My updates:

I went to Tekserve today and pretty much the iBook is fried. I now need to find someone who will be able to take apart my computer and get the hard drive out b/c I want the last two weeks of data on it. Otherwise, I'm finally back in NY after lots of Kiwon driving and me yakking and hopefully all the overeating and drinking is done for now. I'm in my grieving stage but still hoping that I can get the data (I had a really great new artist statement I wrote up last week and want it back! Along w/all my Mexi photos!).


  1. what exactly is wrong w/ the iBook? What part did TekServe say is wrong? If target disk mode didn't work, the chances are low (but not impossible) that you will be able to get data off. I would totally pull the HD for you if I was there.

  2. shockingly, i was too upset and distracted to ask what exactly was wrong. the woman said that the HD seemed intact and didn't have any qualms offering me that service. but i feel like the computer is totally acting like it would for a HD failure.

  3. i only realized hours after leaving tekserve that i didn't know what was wrong. my sister's coworker took a look and said that it SMELLED bad - definitely an overheating issue. he and another guy looked at it and agreed. ew.

  4. Oh, iBook. RIP. So sorry about your loss.


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