Friday, August 10, 2007


**This is one of the crazy subway trains that is almost entirely plastered in a hotel ad. I thought it was funny that they were trying to emulate a jungle in there. Installing that must require lots of custom bone folders.** I just had a whirlwind of a stress morning, all self-induced. I realized last night that another option for getting my stuff from Chicago was just to fly with empty bags and return with full bags. I also remembered I had enough miles to get a free companion ticket. Of course, when I checked this a.m., they had JUST expired yesterday. I called and begged to reinstate them, and I got someone nice enough to do that, without me having to resort to my hysterical story. So, in two weeks, I am off to Chicago for a weekend, sister in tow (she's batting high - this is the second time in a week that she has stepped up BIG TIME for me. Gratitude abounds).

Now I can get back to the regular madness of my life. Need to book a ticket to Wyoming, send a million things out to all parts of the world, continue on the Korea goal. Yesterday was amazing. I spent an hour or more with six people! My therapist, my sister, Gili, Shawn, Megan, and Ayanna. I feel badly b/c I was in a lull when I had tea with Megan, since it was my usual nap time, but she was crazy polite and then even shared two of her zines w/me! So I'm preparing something for her. Ayanna was AMAZING, this artist who knows Elizabeth from a project in Mexico. Super smart, thoughtful, articulate, and hardworking. Ching-In keeps teasing me about being "the supreme overachiever" but I think Ayanna gets a lot more done than I do.

She and Elizabeth are also part of a photo blog project: Eyes Everywhere.

I am feeling good after two eggs and cheese, shrimp, and kimchee. It's grey, rainy, and cool (wohoo!!). Mystic is on. I feel ready to tackle the rest of the day now that this Chicago logistic is tamed for the moment.


  1. that is SO great about the chicago trip! and yay for sisters. it will be fun i think!

  2. Sounds great!!

    It's all working out, see?

    Your sister rocks.

  3. And...

    I always thought the subway should be free if they're going to put ads everywhere. Companies should be paying more for their captive audience.

  4. oh, the advertising is certainly heinous. why was i even shocked that they were allowed to posted the ENTIRE thing? i'm surprised they didn't do the floor and the steel bars while they were at it.

    and i know, rock on for sisters. i am crazy lucky.

  5. I think this is a good idea the empty bag thing! remember they have to stay under 50lbs. but whatever might be left over you can just mail to your self and it will all work out!

    we just met a guy who jsut got a job at columbia college... media artist. he's really nice. i showed him your books and hanging things at our house. I ALWAYS show you off every chance i get!!!! :)

  6. Kimchee with eggs is delicious! I take my eggs over easy, and my kimchee fairly ripe. I just flavor the egg with little bits of kimchee instead of my usual soy sauce and sesame oil. You?

  7. Argh! I can't believe I just said that. I like my eggs over *medium*. It's my *ex* who likes his eggs over easy. Grrr.

  8. my kimchee was just on the side, not too too ripe. i like it crunchy. and my eggs somewhere between over medium and over hard.

    that's hilarious, though. i have no idea how any of my exes liked their eggs.


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