Friday, August 24, 2007


Ohhh-kay. Still no resolution on my decisions. The good news: I think that ATA allows three bags under the plane per passenger! Wohooo! Very good news for the Chicago move (oh, Chicago people who want to see "No End in Sight" before meeting one of its editors on Sunday night, it's playing at Pipers Alley and other places outside of the city).

But I'm still torn about the Canada residency, so I'm wondering: what do you think? My list is below. The I Ching said "obstruction" and "modesty."

PROS: Banff is gorgeous
Five weeks of late autumn/early winter making paper in a fully-equipped paper studio
Another residency on the heels of Wyoming
Avoiding Thanksgiving

CONS: Banff is hella pricey and the Canadian dollar is almost overtaking the US$. With costs of travel and mandatory insurance, the entire pricetag would hover over $2,000.
I would feel guilty the entire time spending every last penny on a residency, after swearing to myself early this year that I would no longer go to programs where I have to pay.
Don't I have to start temping b/c my loans come due again in November??
Missing Thanksgiving


  1. You make a compelling list. It's not an easy decision, so can you tell us a little bit about how much you expect to gain from going there? Also, would this be significantly better than your other residencies? Enough to justify the price tag?

    I was in Montreal a couple of months ago, and it was very expensive with the exchange rate these days. One ride on their tiny metro system was more than a ride on the NYC subway.

  2. i'm totally swayed by the fanciness and prestige of banff. i always want you to go everywhere:)

  3. ellie2:20 PM

    I just called you and your mom said you are in chicago... i forgot. I jsut wanted to say we are going to go and see cindy's movie tonight!!! my friend called and said she wanted to see it and i had forgotten the name of it but i just looked and it's her movie!!! so i'll wait until the end and look for her name in the credits!!! yippy!

  4. hi, i'm back from the movie. there were only 5 people seeing it. but i cheered every time cindy's name was on the screen. it was really great. and we all thought the editing was a huge part or what made the film work. my fav parts where the shots of the people being interview were shown without talking... just their faces. so human so deep so helpless. i hope i don't dream about war.

  5. ps. obviously i saw the movie in TEXAS at a movie theater just off of the GEORGE BUSH TURNPIKE!!!! this is probably why there were only 5 of us in the theater!

  6. ellie! i am so glad you went. and i am sorry i haven't been able to call re: mri. but we'll talk when i get back to ny.

    p: it's hard to say how much i'd get out of banff. i'd go on, but i haven't slept and can't breathe from allergies so i'll continue when i get back to ny.

  7. rachel3:38 PM

    Hmmm. While you have an equal number of pros and cons, it seems the cons have a bit more heft. :(


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