Friday, August 17, 2007

Old relationships also make me tired

This morning, I read about Libras to understand why I am so adept at making new friends, and losing them. Or just making them mad. All I learned is that my sun sign is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac. I probably surmised that all along, but it's today's official factoid. I spent a good portion of the morning feeling bad about inadvertently hurting a friend's feelings and had to work really hard to not beat myself up for having a big mouth with no filter. After almost losing my right arm to tedious Korean transcription, and deciding NOT to enter a couple of shows, I ran errands and then gave into the DVD player for the first time since I've been back in the country. I'm not sure why, but I felt happy after watching "Closer" and am now backing up my entire new hard drive. Good times.

I got the most hilarious note from Brian about our Botanic Garden visit: "Apparently her [his fiancee Sara's] co-workers who passed us assumed that you were a visiting dignitary* of some sort and wondered what the big meeting was all about." Hahaaaa!! I had also freaked out when I was greeted by a "RICE PAPER PLANT" tag in the tropical greenhouse. After all of my papermaking taboo inculcations, I was nearly screaming, "there is no such thing as rice paper!!! You don't make paper out of rice!!!"** and demanded to know more about the tag. Sara asked the guy who picked the text, and he didn't have an answer, but hopefully will get back to her soon.

*15-year plan: become a real visiting dignitary

**A misnomer applied to Asian papers. Rice-pith "paper" is cut from the inner pith of the Fatsiapapyrifera plant. Brought to England and New England by 19th-c. sailors, it so closely resembled real paper that it was erroneously called "rice paper." Rice straw paper exists, and paper made from rice, which is not very strong and doesn't look like typical paper.

***Note to Alex (b/c I forgot to include it in the envelope): guapa in Spanish = handsome.


  1. beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, those are translations for Guapa...
    macátaro sound the contrary, que no?

    you are guapa, Aimee..listen to this and stay!

  2. i love you old and new, rice or milk.


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