Saturday, August 11, 2007

More than a woman

I should be listening to that Aaliyah song instead of Moby right now. But I just grabbed any CD off the shelf (none of which I own) to celebrate: I DID IT!!! I got the hard drive out of the iBook! It took about 2.5 hours. I did it on the floor (to minimize any possible dropping accidents), which made following directions off of a desktop above me kind of hard, but at least I got some major hip opening action. It was much more satisfying than putting together IKEA furniture. The whole time I was thinking about how conditioned I am to think that I can't do things like this b/c I am a woman and that somehow makes me stupid. I hate that, and I'd be an engineer if I had any inclination, but I don't. I tried to cheat for a while, thinking, "well, do I really have to disconnect the keyboard and track pad cables?" and for a long while, "can't I just do this without removing the top cover?" But in the end, I was able to cheat a little bit b/c two screws wouldn't budge (my speculation is that they melted, but we'll never know b/c I ably stripped them - this is my specialty. I did that the first day I bought this iBook and the boys at the Genius Bar made fun of me for messing up immediately. This reminds me that I still don't know where that screwdriver set is in Chicago).

Doing this also made me realize that the people who do this as professionals are only human, too. I found at least two missing screws from previous repairs, and all the tape that holds things together was broken. But at the same time, I think it was easier to take apart b/c the machine had been through disassembly before and repair people leave tracks! Which were helpful. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do now w/this thing all gaping open (part of the issue when you cheat: nothing lays flat anymore. hahaa!) but want to wait until after my trip to Chicago. I'm pretty sure my old HD is hanging out in Tam's apt and I'll test it - maybe it's okay and I can just stick it back in and reverse this process.

I am happy. I was reminded last night as I read Jane Smiley's Moo of the "may you live an interesting life" curse.

Oh, one more thing: my friend Clover is looking for people in Chicago who are presently making art about green, the environment, and sustainability. Speak up if you fit that bill or know people who do!


  1. Congrats!! Good job!!

    So, did you get the data off? Is the drive still good?

  2. oh, baby steps. once i tried to put it in the enclosure i realized i had to remove four more screws on the HD, but we only have torx 6 and 10 size drivers and i need an 8. soo...maybe i'll try to run it NOT in the enclosure? can't deal w/that right this moment but will certainly keep you posted.

  3. Very exciting about the hard drive. I'm always impressed by how you rise to these challenges.

  4. thanks! i was talking to a friend the other night, who was also impressed and congratulating me on taking on the challenge. this, coming from a geeky computer boy. it's good to know i can do things that i once found impossible, or just left to the "experts."

    but don't worry, i won't be climbing mt. everest in this lifetime.


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