Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More disasters, more gratitude

I just found out that my friend in Chicago was in a car accident, but is okay. See?? The planets and stars are going wild! Down on earth, that manifests in me staying up until 3am last night setting up the new MacBook. I'm still recovering from two days in the city, though it was lovely to celebrate Kiwon's big birthday on Monday night, ON the actual date.

I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the first time yesterday to meet Brian and his fiancee Sara, which was sooooooo perfect and nice. Except for lots of sun and mosquito exposure. And I thought MEXICO was bad! I wish I wasn't so sun sensitive. Funny, because every summer I say I won't go out at all, and each year I get more and more sun. I can't win; the sun is a much bigger, closer star than the ones out there encouraging all the car accidents and cross-country moves. I got to overwhelm Sara and her interns about papermaking from plants. In the greenhouses, I was practically drooling all over the tropical plants b/c there are SO MANY good papermaking plants there. Why there isn't a papermaking operation on site there, I have no idea. Or maybe there is, but they don't want me to find out in case I come and harvest the wrong part of the plant or drop their computers.

This sight was one of the last ones as we walked out to leave, and I about fell over. Ever since I found out too late in Mexico that there were cattails nearby, they've been haunting me. I've seen them in the thousands or more alongside the upstate New York highways, and even in landscaped spots next to condo signs in Jersey. It's like they're making it clear to me that we are going to have a papermaking relationship very soon.

After a long afternoon of laying in the grass and running away from squealing groups of children with Brian, I rode to LES for a pizza dinner (complete w/breaking music in the adjacent playground area). My web designer coached me re: life with a new MacBook. I feel so well cared for on all fronts, and just got surprises in the mail an hour ago: a check for contributions made to me for the Mexico residency! I was so touched, and it took me out of my work frenzy to remember again what is really important, and what is really at stake in my work. Which makes it easier to do the work. You know who you are: THANK YOU.


  1. cattails! they surrounded the marsh near the lake my fam used to have a summer house, if you need cattails take a 5 hr drive up to the fingerlakes:)

  2. this is a wondeful text, Aimee. And you can propose the BG a papermaking workshop, under roof and protected from moscos.
    México goy into your heart!
    you did here. too

    love u

  3. that's no joke. i can't wait for my next trip to mexico! and the next time i get to see you (wherever that may be).

    i just wanted to stay in the greenhouse the whole time and hug the trees.


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