Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miracles and problems

I spent my early morning (like 6am early) being really upset about my still painful root-canaled tooth, and then slept in, only to have my sister call with the news that she had a horrible dream about me being dead. Lovely. I called the dentist and made an appt for the afternoon, and then figured I'd get nothing done in the two hours I had left...but then a package arrived. I had no idea what it was, but apparently dad had ordered a new thingy - not an enclosure - for my old hard drive, and IT WORKED!!! MY HD MOUNTED!!!! It was like the dead coming back to life. I immediately pulled all my data off and then spent the two hours reconciling my files. HALLELUJAH!!

That was the good news. Then I got soaked getting to the dentist, who took an x-ray, and then said, "You have problems." The roots are not healing and the entire tooth might have to be pulled. Another option: remove the crown, open up the tooth, yank out a bunch of root (I don't understand this part since the root is gone, right?), fill it up, and make a new crown. Abnormally, I have four roots on a tooth that usually has two, and one is so close to the next tooth that there's no bone in between (not understanding what that means, either). All I know is that the x-rays didn't make any sense to me and that my dentist classified my pain as "discomfort." It's always great when people who are not inside your body decide to tell you what hurts and what is just you being a sissy.

He said there's nothing I can do except wait (I suppose until the x-rays show clearly that a mutant ninja is battling my mouth with nunchucks, in full-color HD animation). So I left and promptly ate a bag of organic gummy bears.

Image: Mexican lilies (RECOVERED from the HD!!! No, I will not stop talking about the wonderful and miraculous fact that my HD is alive and well!!)
Song on repeat: Janet Jackson's "Together Again"
Friend in bigger crisis: Gili
Residency that acts like a sweet, wooing lover: Jentel (they sent another package with a map of the area and a note saying, "Think about bringing an alarm clock." + smiley face!)


Gili Warsett said...

I love that we are now competing for the biggest crisis. Let's just hope upswings are on the way. Can't you just make an early morning house visit to your Chicago dentist? Please? He'd be into it. He adores you.

Unknown said...

i just read about root canals on wikipedia b/c i didn't get what the dentist was saying either. first of all, four roots is normal!

i think he means scrape out more pulp, not roots. the pulp inside the tooth gets infected - the root canals are what feed the tooth. it's actually root canal 'therapy', which i think makes much more sense! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_canal

very scientific source, i know.

aimee said...

but if you scrape out more pulp, where does that leave me? i figured as much, too, but then do you just put a whole lot of filler into the hole? HAHAA.

guess who is going to fight to see a real endodontist if it comes to it. i need better therapy.

and thank goodness for the research! i am SO relieved to know that four roots is totally normal. blaming the patient in this situation is so mean.

elizabeth ross said...

what they actually do is kill the nerve. It bescomes a dead tooth that must not cause any pain anymore. What the dentist did to you is not kill it completly. Bad stuff....

and great you recovered your hard disk!

aimee said...

i know! that's what *I* am saying: if i felt pain right after the tooth was sealed up, isn't that an indication that maybe you should go back into the tooth before it's capped w/a crown to make sure all the nervy stuff is gone?? oh, no. apparently you should just ignore your patient and seal up the whole thing, and then tell her to keep waiting as the pain gets worse and worse.

elizabeth ross said...

well, many dentists are just bastante pendejos! at least he wrote you an email. quite unusual!

aimee said...

nono - my CHICAGO dentist is my dream, wonderful dentist. he advises me when i have problems w/the bad one, who is in ny. sigh. i email the chicago dentist whenever i am upset and he emails back to calm me down.

gili calls him my angel dentist. he is! too bad he's not my REGULAR, LOCAL one. sigh.