Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just when you think the dust has settled

I can't handle not being able to resize my photos on this PC so I took this from Elizabeth's blog. I took the picture, so that's why I pulled it off the blog. I was going to post one of Markus', but he took them, so I'll leave you to browse them: he finally posted his Mexi photos on his website. The third one is my favorite. Yes, all the animals were that skinny.

Tam is relocating from Chicago to the west. I will leave out details until she makes them public, but the ones that concern me are ones I've been avoiding for a year. She has been storing the bulk of the all the art I made in Chicago over three years, all my slides, all my violin and grad school books, kitchen stuff, a music stand, bags of bricks, and a paper costume. I'm sure there's more. It's enough to fit into a car but maybe too much to ship? Well, it's not all boxed properly to ship, so I have to make a trip to Chicago before she leaves in a couple months.

AAAAAHHH!!! I know. Why didn't I just deal w/moving when I actually moved away from Chicago? I had lots of excuses, the biggest being that I didn't know where I'd settle after residencies, so I might as well keep stuff in the midwest in case I decide to move even further west. My mind works in curious ways. Ching-In told me last night that the universe speaks in strange ways: now I know why I didn't buy my Wyoming tickets in May. It wasn't just b/c I have no ticket-buying savvy. Now it seems like 1. flying roundtrip from NY to WY is not an option and 2. flying NY to WY to CA may not be an option b/c I will have to sink my remaining savings into moving. Yikes.

Shawn told me today to trash everything. I said, it's my art. He said, tell Tam to sell it all at bargain basement prices. Hahaaa. Now I get to deal w/yet another joy of being an artist: where do you store all this crap? On top of that, the show in Boston will only travel a chunk of my wall, and wants to SHIP THE REST back to me in January. Are you kidding??? I need to find a new home for that next year, too. If you know anyone who wants a paper brick wall, let me know, as I figure out again how to traverse portions of this country w/lots of stuff in tow.

In the meantime, I want to say that I am crazy grateful to Tam for storing my things for this long, and even going through it when I had panic attacks of "crap, I need a transcript!" or "can you look up my AGI for 2005?" or "I need this book sent to a show that opens next week!!" She is the model of a perfect friend to an artist: she buys art, she displays it in her home, she supports artists, she lets them stack boxes behind her hot water heater and in her coat closet and in her pantry and and and (crap, I JUST remembered that my stereo is in her kitchen cabinets) . . . so, even though I'm freaking out now, I'm still grateful that she gave me the chance to put off my responsibilities and opened her home to me.

Oh, and news on drama that I hope is coming to a close: I ordered a new MacBook last night.


  1. I swear, your life is so crazy. I hate having my stuff strewn all over the US. I've been there since 2000, although I think I've had smaller amounts of stuff floating around.

    So exciting about the MacBook. Which one?

  2. i think my life will only get crazier from here. i always think it'll calm down and then it does exactly the opposite.

    the best option would be to find someone/place in chicago who would be willing to ebay the stuff i could live without. oh, and ebay my ibook once i take it apart. of course, now that schedule is getting rushed b/c suddenly the director of the mex res wants high res photos and my photos are only on the hd. sigh.

    the next one up from the base model - i needed the dvd burner.

  3. I had to consult the I Ching on this, and I got

    4. Meng/Youthful Folly

    with four changing lines, the first saying

    Those who toy with life never attain mastery. Self-discipline and courageous contemplation are necessary steps to understanding. However, do not become over-zealous and drill yourself into the ground.

    and then,

    3. Chun/Difficulty at the Beginning

    *If we persevere a great success is at hand*

    "a blade of grass pushing against an obstacle as it sprouts out of the earth."

    So, it seems like it will be hard, but I'll survive.

  4. We have the same computer.

  5. Hello, parents' house? Isn't that where everything should ultimately be kept?

    I know how the accumulation thing is hard though. My parents' house is full of JUNK! Sometimes it is nice to have to prioritize and loose the excess. But I think you should definitely hang on to your artwork.

    We have bare walls around here, if you want to pass anything my way....

  6. I rent a plain old storage space for the Big Art.
    Even though we have a decent sized house, there's no room for it there, so I have my warehouse. Did that for years when I first moved to Chicago too. (No parent's house option),
    There are commercial places that will handle eBaying for you, for a percentage of what your stuff brings in.
    Congrats on new MacBook!
    I feel cheated having the version before Leopard...

  7. i ALSO wished i could hold out for leopard, but figured that i will ALWAYS be holding out for something that apple dangles in front of me. the only good thing is that i can get ilife08 for cheap. though i don't think i should have to pay for it. but i can only pick my battles, and fighting apple is exhausting.

    i would send something for walls, but all my chicago stuff is 3D!

    as for storage once i get back here...there's going to be a LOT of negotiating w/the parents. it's tricky b/c we don't own our place and it's an apt.

  8. rachel8:54 AM

    Why can't you resize?


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