Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Imminent death

OH, no. It did NOT just go there. I told Kiwon today that my relationship w/my iBook is the reason why I don't need a relationship w/a real person. She said that not all relationships have to be so chock full of drama. Well, the drama has hit again, just when I was getting used to being all happy and calm w/the computer. It pretty much died today after multiple crashes. I'm praying that by the time I hit NY on Friday, that I can put it into target disk mode and save all the stuff from post-Mexico before it's too late. Thank goodness everything pre-Mexico is backed up.

I dealt with my despair by doing incredibly destructive (ecologically speaking) things: getting into the jacuzzi tub for a bath, getting into the rental car and just driving (thanks to Gili, I was able to listen to Erasure really loudly), stopping at a bookstore to buy postcards and The Four Agreements (b/c I miss Ellen), and taking naps in the air-conditioned b&b room. Yes, I feel guilty. The car is incredibly fuel INefficient. That was a LOT of water b/c it's a double jacuzzi. And so on...but I gave back by spending time editing text for Oiyakaha. Sigh. I'm in denial and drinking every night and thankful for Kiwon's computer. We drive back tomorrow. Send your prayers, but I'm not sure how many lives an iBook has. I think I've expended them all.

p.s. - BEFORE the crash, I was looking at the OKAYBOOK sites, an annual publication that two artists from the Korean diaspora started: Overseas Korean Artists Yearbook. Thanks to Pauly for getting me in!


  1. NO! Your iBook cannot die. That's really scary. I have my fingers crossed for you and Target Disk Mode. Ugh.

    Are you in the new OKAY book? If so, what did you submit? The picture of you with your face near your computer is touching.

  2. i think the new book is in progress, and that it's all online now instead of printed. my bio pic is hilarious, of me in japan w/an open mouth.

    thank you! i don't want it to die, but it's almost like being w/someone in the terminal stages of disease, where you have to be ready and prepared for the worst. i'm trying to be very calm. i know people w/older ibooks, so why does mine have to go first?

  3. Wow. I'm so glad you're participating in OKAY. I love those books.

    My iBook went first. It was from late 2003 and it died in early 2007. It was very, very sad. Even though the MacBook is all fancy and nice with its glossy screen and iSight, I really miss my iBook. The keyboard was way better, too. My typing speed has been cut in half since I got the MacBook. Ugh. I wish I were there to see you through this tough time.

  4. oh, i TOTALLY forgot that you're working on a new macbook!!! i somehow kept imagining that you were w/the old ibook. see? some things seem like they should be forever. i got mine late 2003, too. i wonder if this is why i feel so suddenly attracted to cemeteries.

    SEE??! i *completely* agree w/you keyboard-wise. i feel like apple has really fallen down and the keyboards have gotten *worse* on successive laptops. kiwon has the ibook model before MINE, and the keyboard is great. i like mine, but the g4 model afterwards not so much. so frustrating.

  5. Totally agree on the keyboard thing. The MacBook keyboard is only cool-looking, not useful. The trackpad is worse, too. I love my iBook.

  6. What is it this time?!? The HD again?? Dang! Isn't that thing still under warranty from the last repair?!?

    I should cobble together a franken-book from your, Pauly's and my old, broken iBooks. (The backlight went out on mine) Maybe we can turn it into a chat server or something, so we could all share it in some way???

    Even thought I have a nice 15" Powerbook now, I still miss my sweet little iBook! There's something about that line that was very endearing.

  7. tekserve didn't really tell me what was wrong besides saying it wasn't worth fixing. they said the hd seems intact, though. i'm not interested in paying them a bunch just to get it out and backed up, so now i'm looking for someone who can take it apart on their own. i'm in mourning but am SO into the idea of cobbling our ibooks together. i would looove that.


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