Monday, August 20, 2007

"I want to lie around and watch movies and eat."

Gi came over today after lots of Fulbright essay editing, bearing a Feist CD and a letter from 3/12/07 that she had sent to me at Tam's in Chicago, but I had given her the wrong address. It took this long for it to get sent back to her. That is a quote from her letter up there, and it's exactly how I feel right now. So, I may skip my daily nap and instead indulge in "Bubble." Then I promise I will get cracking on my press kit and the two shows I'm in coming up next month.


  1. I love your new computer! Things are looking up.

    I also love being in your house and trying to make as little impact as possible so your family won't know I was there.

    I even pay attention when I sit on the couch to whether or not I've left a dent.

  2. how does that not just completely stress you out?? i'm glad you're such a stealthy friend. hahaaa. i love having you over.

  3. That photo is adorable!


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