Sunday, August 05, 2007

History and its aftermath

I'm slowly getting the hang of this iBook-less life. This was one of the last things it said to me upstate. I still need to pry the HD from its clutches and try to retrieve data, but I'm pretty much of the "it's gone" mindset. Otherwise, I can't move on properly. I was trying not to anthropomorphize it so much after being around Kiwon and my sister, but then Gili came to the rescue and assured me that it's okay to feel great loss and that it is a big deal. She reminded me that we live in an age where our computers are an enormous part of our lives, especially as artists and writers. I wonder if there is specific therapy targeted at those who have severe computer dependency. I have no qualms about being part of a test group if it's needed.

I'm hoping this whirlwind weekend has jarred me out of the usual routine of being buried in my iBook, though it's hard working on the home PC. I will order a new computer very soon; just waiting until Tuesday's Apple announcements. In the meantime, I got up early today and bound two new limp vellums made entirely of handmade paper (my fingers are sore from pulling the straps through the covers), read more of Zadie Smith's On Beauty (Melissa gave me a big reading list), and took a loooong walk on the aqueduct. Amazing, right? All the options open to you when there is no electronic life to speak of. Though I have to get into the swing of things tomorrow: I'm running out of time to write with enough time to get readers eyes' for my Fulbright app, and also running out of time to book my flight to Wyoming (and decide on subsequent flight to California). But for tonight, some more reading.


  1. I bought my MacBook right before an Apple announcement, and (with E's brilliant help) was able to get $100 of the price refunded after the announcement.

    Wyoming? California? What's going on?

  2. wait, so i should buy TODAY so i can try to get a refund?? i'm so confused. sigh. there need to be two different versions of everything in computerland: for those who have a clue, and those who don't.

    wyoming: sept/oct for a month
    cali: instead of going back to ny after WY, i'm thinking of visiting cali since i will have a BIG bday right after the WY res. i miss my cali peeps.

  3. diana2:45 PM

    i too dropped my computer.
    During my recent move we wiped out on 2 flight-length, cement stairs of my building. i started to reach out in order try to catch/save my computer but then pulled back as I saw my able-bodied life flash before my eyes. luckily i only got a few bruises and scratches but my computer...DEAD.

    I am also reading ON BEAUTY. Are you enjoying it?

    IT'S A HUGE FUCKING DEAL! years of everything and no everything was not backed up. I guess another lesson, once again, in letting go.

  4. ohno!!!! noooo!!! i'm SO sorry to hear about that. as much as i wish i had a community of people who were as bad w/computers as me, i would never wish it upon someone else. i'm relieved that YOU are okay. but that is horrible. and yes, it's good to hear someone else agree that it's a big deal.

    i'm still not very far in, and at first i was resistant, but i am okay w/the book. sometimes it feels like too much maneuvering to articulate things, but i'm still curious to see how everything unfolds.

  5. Yes! You need to buy now to get the refund! Eeeek!


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