Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here I am in a sea of bags

Aloha from Chicago. I am barely able to operate this computer from exhaustion, but I was able to pack up in just two rounds of around two hours each. Every brick is in a bag, believe it or not. I love that I'm bringing all my crushed bricks, but lots of other things are being left behind. Cindy has been great to have for moral support as she watches me pack (I'm a solo packer and just need someone close to talk me down), and we did a photo shoot for Terttu on the way back from Yoonshin's place where we stayed last night. I got to see Elizabeth yesterday, and bumped into Jenny in the street, and saw someone else but didn't say hi at the bus stop. Today was catching up w/Tam, finishing the pack, and more endless eating out.

I see eight bags along the wall, Tam is on the phone w/her grandmother, and Cindy is looking thru Ikea catalogs. We'll do a thrift shop drop off in a bit, and then reunion dinner w/anyone who cares to come. Big love is the theme of this trip.

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  1. Aloha from the Phil. It's a tough time. I wish you luck.


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