Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gili makes amazing mixes

"Worn Me Down" is on repeat and I've just snapped out of a dangerous "researching the past" foray. Though it did force me to see how different my life is now, and how thankful I am for it. Today has been strange but mostly private so my most exciting report is that I met a white cat who licks a lot - socks, arms, tops of heads, but not mine. It took Greg visiting NYC for me to finally get some good quality time with him as we tried our best not to look childless in the playground. I figured he has kids, so that counts for something (I always get sad when adults aren't allowed into playgrounds. The water park looked really fun. I especially liked the girls who stuck the crowns of their heads into shallow puddles of water). I confessed my desire to teach to him and he was supportive. For some reason, I expect everyone to laugh at me whenever I say, "I want to teach."

My arms are sore from bookbinding. I made three books today and am shooting for two more by the end of the night. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be sore from the hour of yoga I did today after being embarrassed by my "punching holes really gave my biceps a workout" state of body.

Two items related to housing needs:

1. A good friend is returning to the country this weekend and needs a sublet in NYC for her and her incredibly well-behaved dog.

2. Two friends in the Bay who will be performing at Counterpulse Theatre in three months are seeking housing for two collaborators. Ekiwah, a poet from Mexico who is in a wheelchair, will need an accessible place for Nov 23-Dec 2. He will have an assistant helping him mornings and evenings. Their videographer, Marcos Duran, is looking for a permanent place in the Bay.

If you have any leads, or need more details, let me know and I'll pass it on.


  1. When I'm depressed I totally put "Worn Me Down" on repeat on itunes and cry a lot. We have been so worn down lately. It amazes me how functional we are when we're like this. Just a little shout out to us.

    And um, thanks for the really nice subject header. I'm glad you like mixes from me. I like making them for you. Love you lots.

  2. you're welcome! but only b/c you DO make the best mixes ever. joy made me really good mixes back when we used cassette tapes. it's a special talent.

    thanks for the shout out to us. i'm keeping the song on repeat but i'm not going to cry b/c then i can't make the books. and if i let myself get depressed right now, i'll never get out of the hole. and i'm not supposed to hang out in holes anymore. hahaa.

    love you!!

  3. Thank you for the announcement, Aimee! Where are you these days? Chicago? New York? You're at least as confusing as I am.

  4. everywhere and nowhere. i feel like i'm mostly in the same place, but maybe it doesn't seem that way to everyone else.


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