Monday, August 13, 2007

Confessions of a serial procrastinator

I have now gone through old family scans, made minor changes to three different drafts, cleaned out as much of my inbox as possible, listened twice to Dvorak's "American" string quartet, and pushed a lot of paper around. My hard drive won't mount and I've made assumptions about how my MacBook will arrive today b/c it's sitting in Queens, even though it's slated to arrive on Wednesday. I'm waiting to hear from friends to see if I can stay w/them in California in October. I am on Mozart now and was four in this nursery school portrait. I looked up my in-depth horoscope today to figure out if there IS some kind of crazy planetary motion going on to explain my dead computer, Jay's bashed car on Foster, Tam's move cross country, Rachel's move cross country, and Gili's apt flood. I spend every night talking to Ching-In and we fight over who is more of an overachiever. I am getting very nervous about my ability to pull off this application in time for my personal deadline: September 14. ONE MONTH???!?! Okay, okay, I'll start writing.


  1. OMG! Are you the cutest kid ever or what!? Dang! Adorable!

    Also, check your email (I said yes and yes).

  2. thanks for the yes and yes. i am so frustrated w/my complete lack of travel instincts.

    and i misread the delivery status: it's GOING to queens from virginia, so still no computer for a couple more days (this is good and bad).

    back to writing! i really have been writing, i swear.

  3. ellie5:45 PM

    you are the cutiest puttutie i've ever seen!

  4. That is a cute photo! You look like you, just smaller.

  5. i could die from the cuteness of your photo. what was the name of the nursery school? treetop? co-op? hillside was elementary, right?

  6. SO FUNNY b/c you were the legendary tot who was able to keep me IN nursery school instead of running out after mom. HAHAAA.

    i totally forgot, too. hillside was elem, but nursery...ummmm. treehouse? i don't know. i'll ask cindy. haha.

  7. yah, i'm good with kids! treehouse, absolutely. we were spoiled kids:)

  8. oh, no, i asked cindy AND anju (who didn't even go to our nursery school but lived down the street from ours), and though both of them had foggy memories, it was definitely treetop.

    those were some good times.

  9. Oh my God. I just loaded the picture (finally) and you are adorable. I'm jealous--I was a really ugly kid. No way would I be posting my baby pics on a public blog.


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