Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chugging along

I continued yesterday's logic when faced with 100+ sheets of 18 x 24" abaca paper that I made for a performance two years ago. I had been saving it in case I someday would get the chance to restage it with 100 pianos. I'm not joking. Now, I realize that will never happen and I don't even want it to happen. So I stayed up late erasing lots of pencil instructions on how to play the piano, halving sheets, and figuring out how many books I could get out of the paper. The entire batch needs to be rehydrated, with OxiClean, but I don't have the facilities. I made two books today and will continue on tonight. Later, I'll tackle the bricks (I was thinking of trying joomchi art with those. Maybe I should save those for Wyoming and not even allow myself to touch them before I leave in two weeks).

I had a great talk w/Andrea and declined Banff's residency offer. She put it really well: I might as well do a self-directed residency in NYC where I know all my money is going to support my art rather than Banff's hot tub. We talked about plans for the future, how her summer has been, and Fulbright stuff. It was so good to hear her voice. The whole transition from student to colleague takes time and careful handling, but it's great to be on that path. I have crazy amounts of work to do before I leave, which is probably why my I Ching reading last night read, "The Abysmal (Water): Flow like pure water through difficult situations," and my horoscope warned me to stop digging holes for myself (which, after Nebraska, makes me want to howl with laughter).

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