Saturday, July 14, 2007

P.S. about the computer poison

I have not even been here an hour at the computer, and my entire upper back has already seized up. Thank god for Rebecca (a dancer. Ellie, do you know her? She has a friend, I think a Nina, who is doing a dance phD in Denton?). I cannot wait for our massage swap. Oh, and I forgot to say that I tried to make paper from dinner (the maize I was talking about) - tamales. I wasn't able to get all the oil out, though. Ew.

Time to get off this monster and get back to a technology-less week on the ranch.


  1. hi, yes i know of her and now i'm putting two and two together and i think that david's friend rick burkhardt and friends that visited us at UNT this year stopped by and saw rebecca and her husband? and long story short he was saying the husband got a job there and they gave her ajob too???? is that true. and nina martin. yes i know all about her too but have not met her yet. too busy. she's the one who is doing the marfa texas thing which i'm sure rebecca has told you about. oh well. small world in mexcio. i hope you are learnign somethign good. call me when you are back.

  2. Have you been to a physical therapist to get your whole ergo situation evaluated? Next time I see you, I'll show you all the exercises I've learned from my (two)PT's.

    SO HAPPY you had a moment to use the computer though!!


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