Monday, July 30, 2007

Caught in the rain

Elizabeth was like, I put up lots of blog pics, what about you? So here are my poor dusk images. There are some things that I can't do, like non-blurry, non-flash, handheld pics in the dark. Markus and I hit Koreatown after a couple hours of talk that required brain usage: the Native Americans holocaust in this country, how one person can change the world or at least change the balance of good in the world, how awful it is that the Japanese government is trying to deny its own WWII history, etc. Then it was time for a good Korean dinner.

We sat around the big Korean bank with frozen yogurt afterwards. I had stopped by Cindy's earlier but got drenched in the huge rainstorm so I was still drying off the whole time, sitting on a wet dress. Ew. I ended up so late to the film party that I basically got there, was scolded for being late by Cindy's co-editor Chad, went to the bathroom, and then took off w/Kiwon and Aaron for New Haven. I'm here now, waiting for her to teach a violin lesson, and then we're off for hours and hours of driving to pretty upstate. I'll take the risk of promising better photos.

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Paulettasaurus said...

Wet dress: bad
Frozen yogurt with fresh berries: good