Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bliss before hitting the road again

Elizabeth did a great couple of posts on her blog. One is of all the artists who were in Mexico, and one is about me. Totally sweet. Makes me even sadder that I am near zero for Spanish.

Today was a recover from travel day with Mom: Korean spa/sauna, massage, haircut. Having a good hairdresser makes all the difference. I am crazy relieved to have all that hair off of my head. Last minute plans: hustle tomorrow on a res app, party for the film, spend the night w/Kiwon in New Haven so that I can drive w/her Monday to Chautauqua for a quick getaway! We'll come back Thursday. I'll have wireless. It will be a great way for me to buckle down on the hard part of writing my Fulbright app. More good news on that front: a Korean Buddhist nun is willing to teach me paper dyeing techniques if I make it there. She sent the letter on handmade paper; gorgeous. I'm hoping this upstate jaunt will help me pull all these parts together. Now I just need to find my Korean English dictionary.

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  1. rachel3:54 PM

    That's so cool about the Buddhist nun.


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