Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Zoning out again

During the brief respite this afternoon when the skies clouded over and it rained and we were able to open the windows and air out the a/c-ed apt, I got motivated and made 1. a sketchbook for Mexico and 2. my very first batch of bathtub paper. All while listening to three Fulbright podcasts. My blender arrived today so I wanted to test it. It works. I also wanted to test my new small mould in the plastic tub I already have to make sure I can pull sheets. I can.

I'm starting to get psyched for Mexico and finally started to do some more research on the area. Good news is that the monarch butterfly flyway is kind of close to where we're be. Where there are monarchs, there is milkweed. Wishful thinking. My other dream is to find fig trees so I can make amate. The director said that there are nearby hot springs, and I think I'm going to splurge and take the optional fieldtrips to other areas in the state. I need to do some really basic language review, too. Maybe when I get back, I can start Spanish AND Korean language training. How fun would that be? [answer: not that fun. My brain is already too old to handle other languages with glee. I can barely get through papermaking texts that have Latin names for plants.]


  1. I had a dream the other night where I was visiting all the members of the Dream Team and in the part where I saw you, you were making paper and we were looking at a machine that looked like a photocopier but it was for drying and flattening your newly pulled sheets of paper. Actually, I think it WAS a photocopier, and the superbright light that goes across was drying your paper. And making a "copy" of your handmade paper on commercial office paper. Ha ha ha!!!!!

    I think it's a funny juxtaposition between the labor involved in making a single sheet of hand made paper, and the mindless ease of making a million photocopies on a photocopier.

  2. i'd like an engineer and patent for THAT one.

    or maybe just make a diorama of that dream.


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