Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wait, a heat wave??

I heard a lot of, "Aimee, if it gets really hot, you can turn on the A/C" today, but it wasn't until an hour ago that Ching-In told me that we're in a heat wave. I kept trying to wait it out, taking breaks from my computer so my left hand wouldn't fry on the hard drive. I guess it wasn't just me feeling uncomfortable. But I am still avoiding the A/C!

In the meantime: I finished reading Timothy Barrett's Japanese Papermaking, which is a GREAT book. I am embarrassed I hadn't read it sooner. I also got my first of three shipments of papermaking stuff I'll need for Mexico. But the list keeps growing! I just realized today that I need to get pruning shears or something that will help me harvest plants. There are so many little things that I forget go into a papermaking operation. The basic idea is simple, but a papermaking outift is NO JOKE.

Any advice out there on good shears? I'm going to poke around this week to try and get them at a hardware store (is that even the right place to go??). My excuse for knowing nothing about this is that I grew up my entire life in apartment buildings. Yard work is a foreign universe to me.

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  1. Don't forget to bring some work gloves, too. You have those already, right?

    I would recommend getting the most ergonomic plant snippers.


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