Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There and back

I'm recovering from the opening and confused about what day today is. It's more like I'm recovering from the travel. For some reason, each time I go to Boston, it starts out sunny and warm and summery in New York, and then clouds descend and suddenly it's cold and pouring in Boston. A bird shat onto my hand right before I left for Boston, which my mom said was a good omen for the opening. Dad told me to get lottery tickets (I did, at a Hess in Brockton, but didn't win). I missed the chance to talk to the crowd at the opening about my piece, b/c I didn't realize they were going to do a guided tour, but everyone was very nice and liked it. I was mortified b/c it had sunk a little on one side, but was able to keep myself from trying to fix it in front of everyone. The preparator will fix it later. The best part was getting to meet Phyto, who was super sweet and fun to talk to.

Ching-In took very good care of me. We had dim sum before the opening (that + traffic got us there late, but it was worth it). After I helped her by attacking her room (she's preparing to move to southern California for her MFA in the fall and was overwhelmed by all of her stuff), we had a really good dinner at a Portuguese place, and then watched "Brazil" (which led to bad dreams; I hate 1984-esque anything). I missed the bus back so had time to grab something at a Chinatown bakery before taking the next one back to NY. Rain, horrible traffic, really loud cell phone convos, the usual. I made it back in time to meet Michelle and her husband for dinner. It was nice to catch up since Ragdale.

I thought I had more profound things to say but only can come up with this: it's lonely doing the kind of artwork that I do, and I have the best friends in the world. Oh, and apparently I should bill my skills as magical genius packer and figure out a way to market myself to do it professionally.


  1. Terttu4:20 PM

    Aimee, thank you so much for talking to me last night. you're the best friend in the world!

  2. Your piece looks amazing (I've also seen the images on Flickr).
    By the way, I'm Irene, Anni Holm's assistant at Orleans Street Gallery in St.Charles, Illinois.

  3. thanks, irene. i figured once i looked at yr flickr pics - i knew your name sounded familiar! from the phone tag surrounding the art fair.


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