Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Starting over

I've been having bad bouts of second and third winds late at night, not being able to sleep b/c of sudden alertness, but not being able to work productively b/c underneath that wide eyed at 2am feeling is exhaustion. I'm trying to reset today, and did two seconds of cardio followed by a GREAT hour of kundalini (the second kind of yoga I studied when I first started; perfect for today). Gi pushed me to get out, so I walked down to a cafe run by someone I went to school with and sugared up on two chai lattes, plus a huge slice of chocolate cake.

My computer freaked out suddenly, so I was forced to read (Introducing Korea edited by Peter Hyun), which went surprisingly well. I also got to catch up w/the owner, who had been friends with Githa. We talked a little about her, which was good timing b/c she's been on my mind lately. Oh, and yesterday I procrastinated by making this paper hedgehog. Tonight, I'm going to commit to doing three apps (or at least starting them).


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I know the feeling. I have been struggling with the same 2nd and 3rd winds that are not even useful! I hate that. I mean yes, sleeping would be best but if I am gonna be awake I might as well get something out of it.

    Anway, I LOVE the hedgehog!

  2. ohmigod, aimee! this happened to me last night! i stayed up until 4 am for no reason:-( & not that productive.


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