Saturday, June 02, 2007

Restless, as usual

I recently got in touch w/a long-lost classmate from Oberlin who saw my class note in the latest alumni magazine, and he said he's prone to anxiety, not depression. I didn't know you could do just ONE! I always mix it up w/both. In this heat, I'm on the anxiety side. I feel like I have a million little projects that all need a push, and I'm not pushing (like, manufacturing art to go into a box, entering a show for paper garments, getting a press kit together for a major collection, and hiring my editor and photog for more documentation). But I did finish the East to America book and LOVED it. I am now reading three books about Korean art and history all at once. Feeling a little tired of the scholarship, but at the same time can't stop myself.

I go to the Pulp Function opening at Fuller Craft Museum tomorrow to visit my wall and meet another cyberspace pal. Ching-In will pick me up and take me there! I'm going to force myself to do Mexico research for the July residency this trip, but still have a long ways to go on my proposal for Korea. I'm in a strange bored/overwhelmed state right now. Must be from not wanting to ride the bus so much for the next couple of days.

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  1. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Chill, there.
    And have FUN at the opening,( you won't have to draw comics, anyways, so have fun enough for the last opening too).
    Yep, that was a photo from Ragdale on my blog, from a couple years ago.


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