Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Regina, Regina

I'm not sure which, but one of her songs is stuck in my head. I was able to get two mindless movies into my diet today after finishing two apps. It required one trip to the stationery store (for envelopes), one trip to the library (for copies), and two trips to the post office. I hope the one to Korea gets there on time; I always fear for airmail. Landscapers woke me up early, I've been snacking on a batch of cookies I made on Sunday, and my sciatica is raging: I am 100% the suburban nightmare. Wheee!

I only have a few weeks before I leave for Mexico, and have a feeling that time after that will fly, so I need to get on the Fulbright responsibility wagon pronto. Time to fill out some of those very unpleasant forms (like every since class and grade you ever got in your life and everywhere you've ever been in your life. Yikes).

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