Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh, still hemming and hawing

I wish I wasn't so good at procrastinating. I ordered a bunch of papermaking supplies today for Mexico. Let's hope it all gets to me before I leave (it only hit me about an hour ago that I am leaving in just under two weeks. Pants!). I got a packet of readings on Korean papermaking from Dorothy Field, an artist in Canada. She's been very helpful in my research, and studied in the 80s with Kim Yeong Yon, a Korean papermaker. He died suddenly of a heart attack the day after she left. From her stories, he seemed like an amazing teacher, incredibly dedicated to the preservation of the craft.

Still left on my "I'd feel like a million bucks if I finish this in two weeks" list:

1 job app
1 grant app
1 publication submission (waiting on scans)
1 press kit (I've put this off since January)
1 book to read on Japanese papermaking
1 neverending Fulbright app

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