Thursday, June 14, 2007

A horse named Rocky

I saw this today at the Brooklyn Art Museum, by Fukami Sueharu, in the Japanese art section. The Korean section was pitiful. Tiny, poorly lit, and just sad. The whole museum was dreadful to get around, mostly b/c I think I've done something very bad to my left knee. There's searing pain behind the cap. NOT COOL. Brian advised me to stop pretending that I am an exercise machine kind of girl. I'll take his advice, b/c he brought cookies to the front of BAM right as I was making a mad dash down the stairs to get out of there.

Yesterday: meeting Youme, tagging along as she got art supplies for a friend in jail (not easy figuring out what will be let in and what will be trashed), seeing an art-o-mat machine, walking to Chinatown for bubble tea, and walking back up to meet Tuti for dinner at Otto. I escorted Tuti to Magnolia but did not get anything.

Today: major breakthrough about how I check out when people are talking to me and why, BAM (Korean art & feminist art), tea in Prospect Heights w/Brian, two stops at Borough Hall to meet Ivan (and talk to his Finnish coworker about how our languages are related), a futile attempt to find Gi at work, and then dinner in Newark w/Susan at Forno's. I skipped dessert there, too. But I love it there: where else can you go, sit down, and get hot bread, garlic bread, butter, olive oil, olives, and a huge salad, all before you even order any food?

Reading: Sakyong Mipham's Turning the Mind into an Ally, a great meditation text where he talks about HORSES as they relate to meditation.

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  1. Well, I'm glad to see that you saw at least one thing of interest in the BMA. I love the metaphor of mind as horse and have been thinking a lot about it... thanks for sharing that with me.


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