Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hey! Look at what I'm not doing!

I see this on the way into NYC on certain days when we board on the wrong side b/c of construction. My body ended up insisting that I take it easy this weekend. So, I watched three movies, tried to stay off the computer, and slept. I also skimmed three books, and did some research on folded book . I'm still in denial about the things I'm putting off, but am pretty skilled at procrastinating.

My latest method has been to send long emails to Chris, an artist I don't know. Apparently, we graduated from Oberlin at the same time. He was a studio major, but we never had any art classes together. He's been living in San Francisco for a while. He got in touch w/me after seeing my class note in the last alumni magazine, which is a trip, b/c it apparently made him think that I was a successful artist. But do you know what I'm doing right now, instead of filling out my Fulbright app? I'm on the sofa w/an overheating, outdated laptop, staring at a smiley face I drew on my right toenail when I was with Gili one day, a few weeks ago.

But who cares about where I am in my career, b/c tomorrow I'm getting a visitor!! Gili is coming for a Pan's Labyrinth date!!! AYEEEEEEEE!!

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