Friday, June 22, 2007

Full circle (almost)

I just went through the closet to find old sketchbooks from when my sister and I were tiny. I had told my therapist that we took art lessons one summer in Korea and drew on HUGE pads of paper. They seemed ENORMOUS back then, but I measured them today: 15 x 20". Hahahaa! It proves the point again about how everything looks bigger when you're smaller. We did a drawing a day, every day down the street from my grandparents, Korean style: our teacher would already have the picture of the day decided, and we'd copy it or he would tell us what to do and "fix" things along the way. I loved it. After class, we walked home and stopped for ice cream from a street vendor. That Korea doesn't exist anymore.

Yesterday: my first round of EMDR, lunch with Kate (she has her own consulting business now, fundraising for dance companies! So exciting), and a visit to New York Central Art Supply to browse handmade papers, and tea, with Brian. I stayed in Astoria with Cindy and Ivan (happy first anniversary!) and then had Stefan shoot some artwork. A couple for a publication I will be in that comes out next year, but mostly stuff from Vermont & Ragdale. A wonderful letter greeted me at home: I got a grant from NYFA to cover travel funds to Mexico!!! I had to call Shawn immediately, since he used to administer that program when we worked there together. Now, I just have to get a fellowship to see the circle all the way through.


  1. !! Congrats about the travel grant!! First class, baby!

    I'm really excited about your Mexico residency! Is that so strange? I guess I live vicariously through all my friends with blogs.


    Love you.

  2. omg, you're going to cry: i won't have my computer, or any internet access for the two weeks that i'm in mexico.

    scandalous, i know. but we're going to be in the middle of nowhere. and hopefully i will get lots of work done.

  3. You know who's crying about your lack of computer access? Me! I'm glad because your addiction is out of hand, but selfishly, it's going to be a nightmare. Who will school me? I guess polarchip does a pretty good job of that, too. She'll have to be a little more strict to compete with you. Nobody takes crap less than you.

  4. maybe that's b/c i always get crapped on, and i don't like it. HAHAAA!!

    i'm not even gone yet!!! calm down! who KNOWS what could happen between now and july 8??

  5. yay for nyfa $$!

  6. terttu8:49 PM

    YEY! congratulations Ms. Superstar. when ur in mexico, say hi to my lesbian friends. very happy for u!

  7. diana9:57 PM

    That is great news! Congratulations.
    xo, dyg

  8. Anonymous2:46 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on the grant! That's just excellent.
    I haven't checked in in a few daze, been expanding my site and then answering what seems like 8000
    e-mails after the site went up..I almost wish I didn't have my computer on this residency.
    But I will be loking forward to your 'afterwards' blogs.


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