Friday, June 08, 2007

Dreams of drowning

I love this car ornament that Ching-In's dad hung inside her car. Yesterday was a looooong but good day. Two rounds of therapy, two rounds of harassing Gili at work, a long round of hanging out w/someone I haven't seen in eight years, and dinner/dessert at Chiyono and Beard Papa with Cindy and Shawn.

I feel overwhelmed by my inbox. I have NOT dealt w/active "real live" research on Korea this week, and feel guilty about it. That process involves tracking down people. I don't like this process unless I'm tracking down people I know and like. When I'm searching for people who are complete strangers, and who have knowledge that I'm seeking, then I feel incredibly insecure.

Maybe this is why I dreamed this morning of being Lorelei saving Rory from drowning, only to have her tell me that we should both let the current overtake us and die in a huge waterfall. Oh, and also about visiting grad school only to find it under massive reconstruction: new classrooms, huge skylights, a lap pool...I cried b/c I was so sad that I wouldn't benefit from it. Then I found out that the project was being funded by a Baptist church that would also use the facilities as they pleased.

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