Saturday, June 16, 2007

Compulsive behavior

I'm behaving very, very badly right now. I should be asleep right now. But I'm feeling crazy from not getting "enough" done so I'm catching up on little things. I have to work all weekend, but I feel better about my ability to do it after spending a day w/Ching-In. We hashed out a lot of stuff about hopes, dreams, career planning, how much it sucks to book travel for residencies and the like, what we like to eat, and other fascinating points of interest.

We met up at Housing Works to get coffee (C) and brownie (me) for the road. Gili gave me the 2nd version of an Erasure mix that got lost in the mail months ago. PRAISE BE!! Then we rode to Coney Island, to see the rides, walk the beach, lunch at a place where we were treated nastily (most likely b/c we were Asian and not Eastern European), walk the track marks on the beach, and get ice cream (we were the first customers of the day!). Then we rode to Manhattan to wander from the Asia Society to a deli (I was craving potato chips), back to AS, back to Lex for more food (empanadas), and back to AS for a GREAT Ping Chong production: Undesirable Elements. This was part of the first National Asian American Theater Festival that is going on this week and next.

I'll miss Ching-In; this will likely be the last time I see her on the east coast before she heads to a squillion workshops and residencies this summer and then moves west for grad school. Today was the perfect way to cap our time together on this side of the continent. Even in spite of the sun, which burned me in random places (a shin, an index knuckle, cheeks). She put up w/my umbrella-toting, too. Some guy in the street was singing to me, "it's raining, it's raining, it's raining," and I had no idea until she clued me in. It all came full circle tonight as we sat in the front row of the theatre, hearing Joseph O. Legaspi talk about growing up in the Philippines and seeing women outside with parasols to prevent browning.


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  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Hmmmmmm....Have you ever read back and counted how many days out of a month, say, that you think you "don't get enough done?"
    .Just being slightly evil...
    (I read you, too, & don't comment often).


  3. Are rainbows your new motif? Or is it some strange new concurrence? (The one at Coney Island + the ones in your sketch book?)

    Where in the West is Ching-in moving? Perhaps I can appropriate one of your friends, for a change?

  4. hahaaa. thanks for the reminder. that is pretty tiresome, not ever getting enough done...i mean, talking about it. hahaa!

    and rainbows: i've been on them for years now, but not always publicly. and i haven't figured out why. or where it's coming from. but i really like just collecting them now. either that, or i'm gay, right?

    west like southern california west. you can take her, but she's going to be east of la. i really SHOULD send you some friends for all the ones you've shared w/me!


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