Thursday, May 10, 2007


I had three tasks today and fulfilled all of them, including an extra 35-block walk in today's humidity. Shawn pointed out the big female duck in the pond and I told him he should make movies that have already been made just to practice making them. I don't mean huge movies or even full-length. Even if it was just a video piece or a clip that was compelling...I mean, painters learn from copying paintings, so wouldn't it be the same for filmmakers?

I came home and passed out while finishing Susan Choi's American Woman (I just checked; finally, most of my Korean American books on hold are now at the library). It's the sun, I swear. I just can't tolerate that much sun exposure, at all. It made me wonder how I'll tolerate Mexico this summer, and then lo! The director of the residency there called me today to discuss water needs for papermaking. I've been looking for more Korean artists, and got in touch with Dohee Lee of PURI Project. She's been great to exchange work with and it was nice today to hear from both her and the res dir that they both find my work compelling, since I've been feeling funky about my work/purpose lately.

Tomorrow: come see Tides at the Flea! I'm on. Even when I'm not, you should still make it out to see the show for great performers and fantastic music.


  1. what did you think of american woman? I loved it... have been meaning to re-read it.

  2. i liked it a lot. the writing was so much smoother than the last book i read. i still remember the sleeve being pulled over the heel of the hand to wipe down condensation in the car. it's nice not to have to struggle when you read to follow descriptions and understand what is happening. the end kind of petered off for me, but then again, i was falling asleep so i was distracted. i had a hard time remembering that it was set in the 70s, b/c everything seemed so contemporary, but i guess that says something about the climate, too. overall, i thought it was very strong.


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