Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I intended to go to B&H today and get the exact same tripod as the one Ellen lent me for a while. It fit the budget and I thought it worked great for the past few months. Instead, I go to the tripod section and that model isn't on display, but two more expensive ones are. Instead of just asking for that model number, I decide that I want the one w/the bubble level and spiked feet. As if I even know how to use the level thingy. Oh, and it's a pound heavier (and we all know how I feel about carrying heavy things). But I'm a sucker, so I got it. Wohooo! That was after I delivered an app and before I went to a 2-hour Fulbright meeting (I went to one of these two years ago in Chicago; it was nice to be at the actual location rather than videoconferencing), where I was told that my project sounds like it falls into art history. Wow. That makes me feel like a scholar.

Then I came home and almost killed myself by opening a pressure cooker before the pressure was all released. Sticky rice water all over the kitchen. Wohooo! But the good news: I woke up at 8am today w/o an alarm (but thanks for calling at 9, Gi!) AND I finally figured out the key to my big language project. It's about ENTRY. Which means it's also about exclusion. The reward for my productive day: TV.


  1. You and your tv.

    I need to get you an alarmclock. Do you want a cutesy one or a practical one?

  2. one that runs on AA batteries, not electrical outlets. EASY TO USE. hahaa. we can talk about this later. i might...nevermind. you're right. i'm going to have one when i travel, too. sigh.


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