Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seeing and breathing

Still on the strange waking-late schedule, and still beating myself up about it. A lot of friends say that it might just be my body sending pretty strong signals about needing some serious rest, but I like to not believe that, since I'm a hypochondriac who needs a more interesting reason. But since I can't afford any health care, that will have to wait. I finished two apps yesterday and half of two more, but couldn't bring myself to finish them today, as planned. I'm just not in the mood. Instead, I finally got another book on hold: Susan Choi's American Woman. And I asked Ching-in for the link to the article about a Korean American author being mistaken for a Native American one, by Marie Lee. I went for a walk today, but had to rush home b/c the allergies were kicking in so badly that I could barely see or breathe. Not fun. But I got a sweet call from Terttu about the huge trend we've started: photographers who are making books. I helped her make two books for two different bodies of work, and she got a lot of notice for them. Now, everyone in the photo dept is making a book and asking for her help, and she might even get to teach a class this summer! It's nice to mother a movement.

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