Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rock on, Venezuela

I wish I could repay my debts so quickly. But I am not a petroleum-producing body. I dreamed about not having a bathing suit and someone wanting me to jump into the pool regardless. I didn't want to b/c I didn't think it was sanitary. After some lucid dreaming about playing the violin like an angel, I got myself awake, somewhat. I stayed up until almost 3am finishing Marie Myung-Ok Lee's Somebody's Daughter after visiting Barbara Nessim's gorgeous new studio on the river, En Foco's current exhibit up in the Bronx at Longwood, a glass of merlot w/Ivan while waiting for Cindy and talking stocks and real estate, and then dinner w/Amy & Alex at Gonzo. I think I'm having some serious repetitive anxiety issues (like worrying that my right foot has hairline fractures that I don't know about), and think it might be wise to shut off my computer for a bit so I can maybe do something not so anxiety-ridden. I'm looking into EMDR therapy and am fearfully doing a "for now" settling: spreading out my things, expanding into a bigger jewelry box, making little work stations at home.


  1. Ha ha!! I have some cute swimsuits in the apt too- I should have had you pick through those too!

    Did you jump in the pool?? Very metaphorical. Water, nudity, risk.

  2. oh, so sad. do you know how badly i need a new swimsuit??? ask gili.

    i don't think i jumped in. i wanted to. i was more concerned b/c i was wearing white underwear.


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