Thursday, May 31, 2007


I think I'll give this papercut to my brother-in-law's parents; he and my sis are going to Macedonia this summer so I'll get it framed for that. In the meantime, my brain is rotting as I watch Nelly Furtado videos (I could so easily spend all my time watching music videos. Maybe I should have called the guy who left me a note in my brick wall saying he wanted me to do sets for MTV music videos). I swing really hard between being super productive and then being a blob. I finished two more apps and mailed them today. I did an hour of yoga but am already done w/"working out." It's too boring for me. I'd rather lay down and read East to America: Korean American Life Stories by Elaine Kim & Eui-Young Yu (I'm shocked at how much I like it). I'm also avoiding more paper research. I have some really strong leads, but don't want to contact them until I have a more intelligent sounding proposal drafted.

Which leads to a question: should I apply for a regular research grant or apply as an artist? W/the Fulbright, the deal is that w/regular grants, they look first at the proposal and application to see if it's a compelling, feasible project. With artists, they first look at your artwork documentation to see if you're a good artist, and THEN they look at your proposal. I would be pretty annoyed if I worked really hard on a proposal, just to have it never see the light of day. At the same time, would my application really be competitive against art historians or whoever else I'd be judged alongside if I applied as a scholar? Advice, please!


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    artist. that is what you are.

  2. ARTIST!! No question

  3. I also think that the regular grant has an age limit.

  4. omg, stop freaking me out like that! there is no age limit on the fulbright.

    my concern is just that they would not think the art was good enough. that would make me sad. and i'd never know, if rejected, if it was b/c i didn't make the ART cut or the proposal cut.

  5. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Your art is strong, and in looking at your interests and body of work, there's no doubt that you're talented and serious. I think you should apply as an artist with your best proposal, and if turned down, apply again.



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