Saturday, May 12, 2007

Can't win

I got plenty done today, almost none of it for myself. Today was allll about family. And even though I busted my ass for most of the day, the moment I sit down to take a break, I get scolded for not doing enough. What I wanted to get done will have to get pushed to tomorrow:

1. finish the Unknown Craftsman book
2. finish two apps (why do I get the sneaking feeling that I will be putting these off until after Boston?)
3. prepare UPS for art return
4. finish the handmade book for Boston host
5. drafting more clearly my statement for the Fulbright app
6. EVERYTHING related to Boston

And so on and so forth. Today I learned about fragrant cut flowers; I liked freesia best. I've been wrestling w/flight options to Wyoming. Recently, I've been thinking about occupations. I ride a lot of trains and hear (against my will) loud conversations, while pondering the question that career counselors like to ask: "What would you do if money was no object?" And as I got up to walk past the shrill people in business suits talking about huge capital returns and hedge funds, I realized that I'm doing it.

No wonder why it's so hard to go back to doing anything else, just to make money to survive. Figuring out why I'm here makes doing anything else seem like a waste of time.

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