Sunday, May 27, 2007

Birds in my eyes

I lied: yesterday, before meeting Ching-In for chocolate cream puffs at Beard Papa and then to Chiyono for soba noodles and ladies' dinners w/Gili and Pauly, I wrote a double sestina in two languages (English & French). I finished Don Lee's Country of Origin in a day; I'm a big fan. Finished the Making More Waves anthology last night. One more anthology and I'm done w/Korean American lit for a while!! "Winged Migration" is on in hopes that I would get motivated to finish this last artists' book, but instead I ended up napping.

I've made two decisions: 1. I need to get some p/t work b/c I'm definitely running out of money and 2. I'm going back to Boston next weekend for the Pulp Function opening.


  1. whoops, i forgot to say: this was the papercut i did last week. while the cable guy was testing our tv.

  2. what's a sestina?

  3. omg, that timing is INSANE. i was JUST thinking about you and wishing i could call you but not wanting to disturb studying.

    a sestina is a poetic form where the end words of stanzas keep repeating. there are six stanzas of six lines each, and each of the last words repeats in each stanza, but in a specific order. the last tercet is three lines long and has all six words, only this time two in each line instead of one at the end.

    a double sestina is the same thing, only it has TWELVE stanzas of twelf lines each, and a final tornada of six lines.

  4. So good to see you! When do you go to Boston? I'm there until next Saturday.

  5. sigh. i was going to go sunday and just have ching-in pick me up at the station and drive to the opening...when do you leave on saturday?

  6. Oh, jeez. I'll probably miss you. I leave Saturday night. I'm not sure what time, but I think around 10 pm.


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