Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another unreasonable to do list

I got a bunch done today: phone calls I had been avoiding. finishing up the Buddhism chapter in the craftsman book, taking apart an old book to make new ones (that was weird...I've never done that before with a sewn, cased binding, and it was kind of awful and wonderful all at once - awful to rip and cut and pull, wonderful to see the innards of it and remember that I'm a good binder), seeing the Bill Viola exhibit at James Cohan Gallery, performing my droplet, and dinner w/Gilioe (Gili+Joe). Notes:

1. It's nice to "study" on my own and feel like my brain is still capable of learning.
2. People can't bite you through the phone.
3. See the Bill Viola stuff if you can before it closes on Tuesday (May 15): I liked Isolde's Ascension the best. He's pretty masterful with timing, though the 50-min piece was a little over the top. I sat in there for a long time and heard this behind me:

Woman: What is that supposed to be?
Man: It's a woman.

4. Video does very little justice to live dance. Sitting up near the booth is fun.
5. I still don't understand what casseroles are, but Gili & Joe tried for a while to explain them to me.
6. What I hope to complete this weekend is so obscene that I'm not sharing. It's already overly ambitious but Mother's Day puts it over the top. Time to get some sleep before I start baking cookies.

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