Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All off

I tried to do some cardio today and it nearly killed me. Oh, wait, I mean, I nearly killed myself. Too much too fast. It felt horrible afterwards. But then I got through an hour of the ashtanga primary series and felt better. I was foolish enough to go to bed tonight at 7pm but just woke up a little while ago and am feeling frantic. I've gotten some amazing leads on scholars and artists related to Korea and paper, and went to the library today to pick up a load of books on Korean art and culture. I feel so strange doing the research and worry that I don't know what I'm doing, but I figure that's the self-sabotaging part of me talking so I'm just moving along.


  1. hey aimee! since i'm now an official blogger and will soon be posting your language survey on my blog, i just thought i'd check in. i also wanted to mention that i first thought these pieces were made of instant ramen noodles. then i read on and learned that they were knit, but i wondered if that reference was at all intentional. or are you gonna kill me now??!! i like it as ramen or yarn, though i'm a little partial to the ramen. either way it's beautiful.

  2. HHAHAAA!!!! omg. that is TOO perfect. no, i wasn't thinking about ramen noodles but now that's all i can see. it IS about being all confused between korean and english, though, and i could try to stretch it since my dad is korean and his first job out of undergrad (a degree in agricultural chemistry) was developing the flavor packets in a ramen factory. he went on to get a masters in food science in the US. i'm sure any art historian could somehow weave it all together into good logic for a ramen book.

    now i feel like all i want to do is make ramen books. HAHAAAA! brilliant. thanks for giving me my next project. you rock.

  3. cool, I'm glad you like the reference and that it is actually relevant! I think it is, and your dad's history is really interesting! It's time someone made a ramen book. It's brilliantly poetic.


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