Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Accessory to murder

That was my nightmare last night. I was part of a three-day murder plot and was being paid to drive the car and climb hills or something and it was horrible. I was trying to back out by day 2.5 and another paid accessory was trying to keep me on task. Must be residual American Woman processing combined with installation decompressing.

Today's good news: I sharpened my colored pencils (I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is) and made a book out of an old tube top from Ellen (but haven't been able to get good shots of it yet). I'm going to finish a paper cut and an app while I wait for the cable guy. Then I'll do yoga and shower.

I'm getting burned out on all my Korean American literature. It's incredibly depressing. But I'll finish up the 5-6 books I have left, and then dive into reading about Mexico. Yesterday, I drove to the dentist so that he could scoff at my concerns, take an x-ray, and kick me out. I could be a really bad dentist now, I think, just from imitating all the bad ones I've had. And I'm Korean! I also visited an old teacher from high school and may have a studio space for a week in June. Yay.


  1. Of COURSE you would be an awful dentist! I would, too. It's a bloodline thing.

  2. happy birthday!!! maybe i should start a bad dentists' club.

  3. Terttu9:02 PM

    man, you sharpened all these pencils. i love when these small things get done, like organizing a drawer or all the files on a hard-drive. my really great, wonderful dentist died in estonia this year, she was 43. i still don't know what really happened.


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