Sunday, April 29, 2007

Turning into a pumpkin

For being such a princess, I need to be more like Cinderella. I fell into a black sleep on the train home tonight after 1. seeing LMCC open studios and talking to Yoko Inoue, an artist we funded when I was at NYFA; 2. costume options w/Diana for Tides; 3. a cranky walk (me cranking about my ankle) w/Gili to see E&D for dinner; and 4. more fittings for clothes from E's amazing, neverending closet. Gili and I found out that we wore the same dress for junior prom. This morning, I got a sweet package from Japan with jewelry from Yoko. So I dressed all girly and pink to match.

Oh, this is fun: I found out that a blogger I don't know listed me as a Friday artist on her blog for a couple Fridays back! Check it out. I'm in the beginning of some serious shifts in my reading habits: I'm trying to catch up on work by Korean Americans. Gili gave me Marie Lee's Someone's Daughter. Thank god it's a paperback.

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