Saturday, April 14, 2007

A tall glass of water

And staying up late. That's penance for two glasses of sangria at Gili's bday dinner tonight. Hopefully I don't feel it too hard tomorrow, since it's my alloted day to deal with taxes and other unpleasant business transactions. But today was lovely (like the Hawaiian rainbow in the Japanese picture frame. These are the ways I treat myself). Reading a trashy magazine into town, catching up w/Ching-In, talking out details about possibly of performing next month for my old acro teacher, an amazing massage from her, tea and muffins w/Gili and Alyssa, and then lots of pizza for dinner. I tried to reinstall iPhoto for Gili, but her connection was too slow to handle it. I was sad to not be able to display any computer prowess for her entry into Saturn Return.

I was scared to meet her friends b/c I was afraid they'd all hate me, but I think it went fine. I realized recently that I am not low maintenance at all, and that I need to stop pretending that I am, or trying to be. I still believe in going to the bathroom quickly if you can and not taking a million years to get ready to go out. But I'm the opposite of Ching-In's "adventure over comfort" lifestyle. I'm glad that I have friends and family who fit the following bills: hockey player/fanatic, Swedish, architect, live in various places across the country and world, polyglot, math genius (well, anyone who can multiply is a genius to me), and so forth. Then I can talk about them rather than discuss my preference for laying in a large bed all day with my computer (which, btw, has given up its panicking ways altogether ever since I swapped out the RAM. Thank Hashem). Now, back to sitting in bed and editing my website.


  1. I love that you said Hashem. My friends love you. You're so sweet and wonderful. Don't worry. People love you. I love you! Thanks for coming and thanks for supporting me.

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  3. I laughed when I read 'Hashem,' too. Cute. You do us proud.


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